It’s not like I haven’t been writing or anything….


In spite of a conscious effort to renew my regular posts on here, I have failed but I have been creating articles for others in the meantime so if you’re interested in reading about what I’ve been up to and what I think of that then do have a look here:

Preview of Showzam! 2015

About The History Boys coming to Blackpool in 2015

Review of ETT’s Twelfth Night

Write up of a local Urban Arts Showcase by young people

Hire Wires Course in Lytham (page 32 of online magazine Indoor Play)

How theatre for under 5s is taking a major part in theatre-going activity in the UK (page 38 of Home Childcarer magazine)

I’ll get on it again soon though – the warehouse is taking shape so I just need to work out how to make an image gallery on here….