Our House!

This is our warehouse; we bought it in April 2013.
With support from Blackpool Council’s New Homes From Old Places scheme we have been renovating it to become our home. On those days when you feel your house is a mess, I hope this gallery brings you some relief….










And yes we did consider submitting to Grand Designs but figured it was just an additional complication…!


It’s not like I haven’t been writing or anything….


In spite of a conscious effort to renew my regular posts on here, I have failed but I have been creating articles for others in the meantime so if you’re interested in reading about what I’ve been up to and what I think of that then do have a look here:

Preview of Showzam! 2015

About The History Boys coming to Blackpool in 2015

Review of ETT’s Twelfth Night

Write up of a local Urban Arts Showcase by young people

Hire Wires Course in Lytham (page 32 of online magazine Indoor Play)

How theatre for under 5s is taking a major part in theatre-going activity in the UK (page 38 of Home Childcarer magazine)

I’ll get on it again soon though – the warehouse is taking shape so I just need to work out how to make an image gallery on here….